As you prepare for end-of-life, it is important to understand cremation options. While we prefer to use our environmentally friendly water-based cremation option, some families may choose standard flame cremation. Everyone has different needs. What is important to remember is that your decision reflects the love and devotion you hold for your friend.

No request is too big or too small.

If you choose standard, flame-based pet cremation, Home to Heaven will make all of the arrangements for you using one of our local crematoriums. You can choose the crematory you prefer or Home to Heaven can make the choice for you.  We will also help make payment arrangements for cremation over the phone or during the appointment.

Types of Pet Cremation Services

Private cremation: Your pet will be cremated privately and the ashes returned to you. Each pet crematory has their standard presentation of the ashes. You can also choose a special urn or keepsake box at the crematory if you prefer.

Communal cremation: Your pet will be cremated with other pets. Communal ashes will be spread according to the individual crematory's method.  Those cremations performed by Rainbow Bridge or Home to Heaven scatter communal ashes on Dr. Cooney's farm in east Loveland (adjacent to the memorial garden).

Chemical cremation: This is a service provided by Colorado State University's (CSU) Veterinary Teaching Hospital and offered to families living within 20 miles of CSU in Fort Collins (some special arrangements may be made for more distant families on an individual basis). If you choose this cremation, you will also be donating your companion's body for teaching purposes. Students and faculty study your pet’s underlying conditions and work to improve future care for generations to come.


Precious Memories Pet Cemetery and Crematorium
5815 E. Hwy 14
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Rainbow Bridge Pet Crematorium
2105 E. 11th Street #180
Loveland, CO 80537

Penny Lane Pet Cremation Services
P.O. Box 584
Mead, CO 80542

Natural Death Assistance

If your pet dies naturally, and you need help transporting them for body care, Home to Heaven can help.  If for any reason you need additional help with transport, the following services may be of assistance:

Home to Heaven

Safely There Animal Transporation