Cemetery Burial

There are a growing number of options for taking care of your pet after they have died. There are now pet cemetery locations where you can bury your pet. Within the Home to Heaven service area, there are 3 locations to choose from.  Please contact them for pricing and options.  The doctors with Home to Heaven would be honored to provide the transportation of your pet to the cemetery for you. 

Precious Memories Pet Cemetery and Crematorium
5815 E. Hwy 14
Fort Collins, CO 80524

Resthaven Funeral Home and Cemetery
8426 S. Hwy 287
Fort Collins, CO  80525

Pets at Evergreen Memorial Park26624 N. Turkey Creek Rd
Evergreen, CO  80439
Home Burial

Home burial will be an option for some families in northern Colorado. Home burial is a wonderful way to naturally and ceremoniously say goodbye to a loved one.  It offers privacy and a place to return to in your time of mourning.  If you choose to bury your pet on your property, please follow these important guidelines:
1.  The burial property must belong to you or someone who grants permission to bury on their land.
2.  You must cover the body with at least 3 feet of earth.  This means the grave site itself must extend down close to 4 feet.
3.  Be careful of buried power lines and tree roots.
4.  Avoid areas where natural water will pool, such as ditches and low lying ground.
5.  You may bury your pet in anything you wish such as bags, boxes, blankets, caskets, and more.
6.  City ordinances say that backyard burial is not allowed, but that outlying county land is acceptable. Ultimately, this is your decision.

Why are these guidelines so important?  If your pet is euthanized, they will contain a medicine that is dangerous to other living animals.  In the event your pet should be exhumed by a wild animal, that animal will be in danger of death by ingestion of these chemicals.  While this is an unpleasant thought, it does happen from time to time across the U.S. and carries a heavy fine by the Department of Wildlife.


Choosing how to say goodbye to a pet is a unique and personal experience. Home to Heaven will work with you to set up the ceremony and/or memorial service that best honors your companion.  Many people choose to hold a funeral service for their departed companion. This can be a simple service where just a few poems or remembrances are read to a more formal ceremony with speakers and other presentations.

You can choose to hold a ceremony at your home, at a local park, or even at our center in Loveland. We have a beautiful memorial garden where we hold funerals in the beautiful Colorado landscape.

Some people, especially children, find a greater sense of peace through a funeral or other ceremony. Death is an unknown concept for most children. It is always good to discuss the loss with them and allow them to share their own experiences and memories about their recently departed friend. Even other family pets can partake in the honoring ceremony.  Please reach out to our staff with any questions you have.