As part of our at home pet euthanasia services, Home to Heaven provides the following:



Our philosophy is that no animal will be in discomfort during the euthanasia process. We will give a sedative to your pet to help them relax and eliminate any underlying pain. Your pet will be in a deep sleep - peaceful and comfortable during their final moments.


Once your pet is sedated and you feel ready, we will proceed with euthanasia. A solution will be given to gently stop the heart. This only takes a few moments. We will listen to the heart to let you know when your beloved friend has passed away.

You will then be able to spend some private time together before we make the transition to the crematory if needed. This is also a nice time to tell stories and reflect on the good times you shared.

Memorial Keepsake

If you wish, we can make a clay paw print impression for you to keep. We will add your companion's name and any other information you would like, such as a nickname or dates of life. This paw print is a lovely reminder of your friend and is included in our service fee.

For more information about keepsakes and other memorial providers, including photo montages, feel free to visit the following websites:

Grief Support / Literature

During our time together, you will receive a book titled Your Pet Loss Guide. You will also receive information on canine and feline grief for other household pets and instructions on how to post a memorial story on our website, should you choose.  We can also share information about our new Honoring Story group called Friends of Friends, which meets for free at our center in Loveland the 1st Thursday of every month from 6:30-8:00pm.

Sharing your feelings with others is an important part of healing. Home to Heaven provides resources to help you open up and start the healing process.

Aftercare Preparations

If you choose to have your companion cremated, Home to Heaven will provide transportation of your loved one to one of the local crematoriums, including our own gentle water-based cremation option. Please refer to the Cremation page for more information.

If you choose to keep your pet for home burial, we will discuss local ordinances so you can do so safely. It is important that home burial is done properly to prevent disturbance of the body and to protect the area.

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