Many people wonder what to do when your dog dies, especially if they have a bigger animal and are unable to perform an at home burial. Home to Heaven can help in this situation. We will come over and pick up your animal. And we will take them to a crematory for private or communal cremation.

When your dog dies, you are not focused on what must be done next. That is our job. We make the next steps as easy as possible for you during this difficult time.

We also help many families through hospice so that their pet can die naturally when ready, without having to be euthanized.

When a dog dies naturally, it is a much slower process than euthanasia. There are changes that occur even three months out that will alert you to the fact that the end may be near.

Some of the things you should be watching for include weight loss, less attention to grooming, and increasing dehydration. There are many more signs that you can read about here.

If supported though in-home hospice care, a natural death can happen with dignity and grace and could be the right choice for you and your pet.