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Educational Pet Disease Series – Brochures for Pet Owners

The diagnosis of a disease of any kind is very frightening and overwhelming for pet owners. Suddenly they are faced with a ‘new normal’ and are easily overwhelmed by what they are told during the appointment and may fear what is to come. Here is a new way of offering education on a serious topic that is rarely discussed.

These educational brochures are designed to enhance the caregiver’s understanding of their pet’s disease and help them appreciate how the disease will affect the body, both in early and late states. They are well-written, easy to follow, and will ultimately prevent suffering by increasing awareness.  Every caregiver should know the relevant information about his or her pet’s disease.

Endorsed by the International Association for Animal Hospice and Palliative Care (IAAHPC)

Each brochure includes:

  • What the disease is
  • How it is treated
  • The prognosis
  • Disease stages: early, late, and crisis
  • Signs of pain
  • Space for individual clinic or hospice service information

The hope is that by giving your clients a disease brochure that reflects exactly what you hope to say during the appointment, you will improve upon communication and instruction. They offer your team an opportunity to ‘partner’ with the owner even more and help everyone move forward in a safe and productive manner. Even the best animal specialty hospitals in the country do not have the time to discuss every possible symptom of a disease. Now caregivers will know what to expect and what to look for as their pet’s disease progresses. Education is the key to eliminating fear of the unknown.

“Families must understand what their pet’s disease looks like and how it will affect them over time, with or without treatment.  It will minimize suffering by helping families recognize the changes they are seeing and help them act on improving care when needed.  These brochures are a blessing for families and veterinarians hoping to bridge the gap between diagnosis and death.”

Brochures include:
Feline Lymphoma
Cushing’s Disease
Canine Lymphoma
Liver Disease
Nasal Tumors
Kidney Disease
Mast Cell Tumors
Degenerative Myelopathy
Brain Tumors
Transitional Cell Carcinoma
Primary Lung Tumors
Heart Failure
Vestibular Disease
Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome

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200 brochures (10 of each), 400 brochures (20 of each), 800 brochures (40 of each), PDF Version


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